RZS-CASIS Short Course

The RZS-CASIS Short Course is an initiative to share and exchange expertise between our scholars and invited scholars in their own field. It is to expose to those who are intellectually curious to delve into the foundation and principles of religious thought while engaging themselves with their daily work or interest to inculcate (intellectual and) scientific ideas, technologies and socio-economic thought and institutions of today.

The courses aim to provide competent knowledge to imbibe from the specialised programs that could prepare themselves for future intellectual and civilisational challenges at home and the world at large.

The Short Courses will be as short as 1 day to 10 days maximum in collaboration with Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim (HAKIM). RZS-CASIS offers diverse range of fields, specifically on :

  1. Civilsation, Science and Technology
  2. Education Philosophy and Practices
  3. Islamic Political Thought
  4. Islamic Economic Thought
  5. Islamic Psychology
  6. Islamic Art & Literature
  7. History and Historiography

For more detail or inquiry on the courses, do contact us at casisevents@gmail.com. If you are interested to know more, or be updated to our Short Course programs, click here to subscribe.