RZS-CASIS Short Course: Islam and the Malay World – A New Age in the Malay-Indonesian Archipelago

Could a single religion bring in significant changes to the identity of a society?

There are many ways one could benefit from understanding the experience of other cultures in history and see the effect of religious influences to a society, marking a significant change to their worldview. Islam came to the Malay World without war and conflict. It is a unique case of a peaceful islamisation of the indigenous society on its own.

Join us for our Short Course under the History & Historiography series conducted by RZS-CASIS in collaboration with Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim (HAKIM) for a 4-Day session exploring the right method and sources of determining the meaning of new age in a society through a religious influence.


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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Tatiana Denisova
Runs for: 4 weeks, 2 hours each session
Dates: Saturdays, 5, 12, 26 June & 3 July (8pm-10pm)
Platform: Zoom (online)

|SESSIONS|5 June 21 | Session 1: Theoretical Approach to the Study of History Concept of history, Malay Studies, Islamic Studies
12 June 21 | Session 2: The Pre-Islamic World Cosmology and early beliefs in the Malay World
26 June 21 | Session 3: Islamisation of the Malay World Theories of Islamisation; periodization
3 July 21 | Session 4: The New AgeIntellectual development in the Malay World with the coming of Islam
|Who should attend this course?|Anyone with a serious interest in the history of the Malay world, and keen to learn more about its development, through the study of historical sources.

|Fee:| Students RM150 (USD49) Professionals RM300 (USD85)* for a four days course.
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*Fresh graduates or professionals who make less than RM2500 may opt for student rate

This course is in collaboration with Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim (HAKIM). For more details regarding RZS-CASIS Short Course, go to https://chancellery.utm.my/…/i-study…/rzs-casis-short-course/

Teacher’s Biodata 

Professor Tatiana Denisova is a scholar from Moscow, Russia. She obtained her M.A. from the Saint Petersburg State University, specializing in Malay and Indonesian Studies, and her Ph.D. from the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, specializing in History, Historiography and Historical Research. She was Division Head of Research into Sources in the History of Islam at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies. She also served as lecturer at the Institute of Asian & African Studies, Moscow State University.

In Malaysia, she has served as Visiting Scholar and Visiting Laureate at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, and Perpustakaan Negara, and as Associate Professor at the Department of Islamic History and Civilisation, University Malaya.

She is also an Honorary Fellow at Institute Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM) and headlined a weekly livestreamed show on IKIMfm, Adab dan Peradaban, discussing various important topics, with a focus on Malay-Muslim history and historiography. Watch one of the episodes here: https://bit.ly/33hrWo3

Professor Tatiana Denisova is a respected expert on Muslim history and historiography in the Malay World. Her published works cover over 60 titles, including the recent books, The Heritage of Malay Muslim Historiography of Johor: Tuhfat al-Nafis (The Precious Gift), in Russian (2016), Refleksi Historiografi Alam Melayu (2011), and Malayskiy Mir v Malayskih Khronikah (13-19 vekov) (2012).

She has received many awards for her scholarly works both in Malaysia and in Russia. Notably, she is the recipient of the recent 2020/21 Anugerah Buku Negara (National Book Award) in conjunction with the UNESCO KL World Book Capital 2020 for the latest edition of her book Sumber Historiografi Di Alam Melayu : Koleksi Peribadi John Bastin (2020). She is currently professor at RZS-CASIS, UTM, and is also Senior Fellow at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies.