Academic Calendar

In our Academic Calendar, we have a total of two semester and one short semester. The semester starts its year in February for a total of  14 weeks. Short semester starts in July for 7 weeks and the final semester for the year starts in September for 15 weeks. There will be a one week mid semester break for every semester. At the end of every semester students will be assessed in the courses that they take according to the nature of the course. Every semester we will conduct a Graduate Seminar at the end of the semester for the purpose of providing a platform for students to present their research proposals and progress report. This will be another method to assess the student’s thesis from time to time.

Classes normally start at 8.30am and ends around 2pm from Monday to Thursday for Full Time students and 8.30am to 8pm on Saturday to Sunday for Part Time students. This schedule does not include the recurring lecture series and public lectures generally held in CASIS up until 11pm during weekend and weekdays.

Download Academic Planner 2014