Message from the Vice Chancellor

Alhamdulillah, I would like to thank YBM Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad, the Minister of Higher Education for the trust in appointing me as the 7th Vice Chancellor of UTM.

I would like to thank the former Vice Chancellor YBhg Prof Datuk Ir Dr Wahid Omar for all the ground work that has been done during his tenure as Vice Chancellor. Not forgetting the support of all JPU members, the Council of Professors, the Academic Staff Association and PERTISAS and General Staff as well as all UTM staff for their support of my appointment.
InsyaAllah I will try to continue the legacy of UTM excellence to continue to progress as the best University in the country and among the best in the region.

I am sure that without the commitment from all, I will not be able to shoulder this responsibility. InsyaAllah the main thing that will be emphasised is to empower people management in UTM.

I believe that staff is a valuable asset in the organization. So these assets need to be taken care of and always be given trust and the opportunity to do their job easily. With the right motivation, InsyaAllah they will give the best commitment to the University.

The second thing is to strengthen the organizational culture. Organizational culture seeks to shape staff behavior by working together, motivating, working in a team and breaking boundaries and egoism and making it easier for stakeholders to make decisions. At the same time our actions and services need to be faster, so our productivity will increase. So the UTM core values- ISES needs to be institutionalized to allow it to be planted and nurtured. Let’s complement each other.
InsyaAllah if these 2 basic things have been established it will be easy for us to achieve the Vision and Mission of the University.

Third is that our delivery system which needs to be transformed into a high-performance delivery system. It is our image as a government body that needs to be changed so we will be seen as always be proactive and facilitate our customers and stakeholders.

The fourth I will emphasize is in terms of governance. Governance is very important in determining a PTJ to exercise its jurisdiction and responsibilities firmly. Clear structure, robust system with clear process support, backed by policies and guidelines. These are all basic things for us to enable UTM to move forward.

My office door will always be open to all staff and students who wish to meet me. I now serve all of you. Let’s work together for the good of UTM. Thank you. Wabillahi taufik walhidayah walasalamualaikum WBH.