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Major programs/activities regarding low carbon campus initiatives are currently under transportation within the campus zone, as well as for business travel. A unit so-called Transportation under the Office of Asset & Development is working on the several processes which currently operating for:

  • booking of vehicles for staff traveling
  • services of logistic for staff/student/public
  • training and competencies course related to vehicles
  • data record for the fuel consumption every month
  • inspection of UTM vehicles

UTM campus sustainability is working closely with the unit in order to assist a few strategies of low carbon implementation, such as:

  1. Car Free Day in every month, especially providing free public transportation
  2. Limiting the fuel for petrol/diesel with the introductory of carbon emission factor for each PTJ/unit in the campus
  3. Provide an assessment report of MyCarbon for the related transportation-emission activity
  4. Planning for the car-free zone and allocate the services for buggy and electric bike at the specific place